Official registration occurs at the beginning of each semester. In order to be eligible for registration, students must have met their previous financial obligation to the College, must have a complete immunization record on file with the Health Center, and all Library obligations must be met. A late registration fee of $25 may be charged to anyone who does not officially register at the scheduled times. Pre-registration days are scheduled in the fall and spring of each year for returning students to select courses. Students may be blocked from pre-registration if there are any outstanding obligations to the College. DAPS students are encouraged to pre-register for classes.

Cross Divisional-Registration
In order to provide greater convenience and flexibility in selecting courses, Fisher College Day Division students are entitled to concurrently add one additional course per semester either through the Division of Accelerated and Professional Studies or through Fisher Online. This one course per semester entitlement is not cumulative and must be exercised during the semester in which he or she is a full-time student. All students must seek pre-approval from the Chief Academic Officer. In some cases students enrolled in the Division of Accelerated and Professional Studies may benefit from taking a Day Division course. Approval of the Site Coordinator and the Chief Academic Officer is required.

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