Elective Distributions

Each degree student must, within his or her program, meet minimum liberal arts distributions as outlined in the requirements for graduation either through course work at Fisher College or through transfer credit. The following list is provided so that students may clearly understand which courses may be used to satisfy the required elective types.

Computer Science: Any CS

Humanities: Any CM, EN (except EN 001, EN 101, and EN 102), FA, FL, HU, PH, or WS 102

Math/Science: CS 205, any MA (except MA 003), or any SC

Social Sciences: Any AN, CJ, EC, GE, GV, HI, HS, PS, or SO

Please consult the Registrar or a Student Service Representative (DAPS) as to which electives are required for each program and which electives may be offered in a given term or semester..


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