Class Attendance

Fisher College expects all students to attend regularly and promptly all lectures, laboratories, and other sessions of courses for which they are registered. It is the student's responsibility to add and drop classes from his or her academic schedule. Attendance and tardiness policies are clearly stated in the instructor's course outlines. Students are required to observe the attendance policy announced for the course. Instructors may request that students provide documentation for any absence before the student is allowed to make up missed work. Students should also be aware that poor attendance does have a significant effect on the quality of their work and their success in the course.

Faculty members have the option of developing a policy concerning grade reduction. Any policy of this nature will be announced to the students during the first week of class and will be made available in writing.

Students who intend to drop a course should do so during the drop/add period. Students who do not drop or withdraw from a course through normal procedures may receive a grade of F for the course. In the event of an absence, arrangements shall be made with the instructor in advance for the make-up. The student is responsible for all material covered in the class(es) missed, all assignments due and new assignments issued, and all announcements made during the class(es).

In the Division of Accelerated and Professional Studies, instructors must notify the Campus Registrar if a student has been absent for four (4) class meetings or if a student has stopped attending classes at any time during the term. Fisher Online instructors must notify the online staff, if at any time, a student stops participating in an online course and fails to respond to the instructor's e-mails.

Students who are unable, because of their religious beliefs, to attend classes or to take examinations on a particular day, will be afforded the opportunity to make up work, provided it will not create an unreasonable burden upon the College. No fees of any kind will be charged by the College for this accommodation and no adverse or prejudicial effects will result for students availing themselves of this policy.


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