Associate Degree Requirements

1. Earn the number of credit hours required for the degree program.

2. Earn at least 50% of the required credit hours in course work at Fisher College. This allows for the transfer of no more than 30 credits. No transfer credit is accepted for a grade below C-. Some specialized courses may require a higher minimum grade.

3. Meet the College's general or liberal arts distribution requirement as outlined below:

a) EN 101 and EN 102

b) 6 credits in Humanities

c) 6 credits in Social Sciences

d) 3 credits in Math

e) 3 credits in Math or Science

4. Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

5. Meet all program course requirements.

6. Complete 24 of the final 30 credits for the degree at Fisher College.

Note: A student who, after completing all of the requirements for the associate or bachelor's degree, wishes to subsequently earn an additional associate degree in a different program may do so by completing a minimum of 15 additional credits beyond the awarding of the first degree as well as meeting all program requirements for the additional major.


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