Fisher College Strategic Plan 2011-2016

The last several years have seen many changes at Fisher College: record-breaking enrollment, expansion of degree programs, a competitive athletics program, and aggressive recruitment of talented faculty and staff signal our desire and capacity to become a regionally-acknowledged institution of excellence.

Goal 1: Strengthen Financial Resources
  • Diversify revenue sources
  • Contain costs
  • Explore physical expansion

Goal 2: Grow Day and DAPS Enrollment
  • Grow day enrollment to capacity
  • Grow Accelerated and Professional Studies enrollment
  • Solidify domestic recruitment
  • Solidify and expand international recruitment model
  • Leverage marketing and communications for recruitment

Goal 3: Refine Institutional Identity
  • Clarify the College's identity, branding, and marketing message
  • Expand exposure in media and the community

Goal 4: Enrich Academic Programs
  • Offer mission-relevant and financially-viable degrees
  • Develop strategic partnerships that add value to curricula and degree programs
  • Develop alternative delivery modalities to meet student demands

Goal 5: Enhance the Student Experience
  • Deliver a student-centered experience
  • Increase student engagement
  • Offer co-curricular programs that facilitate learning outcomes
  • Promote institutional pride
  • Provide quality supportive housing
  • Expand Athletics programs

Goal 6: Deliver Excellent Teaching and Learning
  • Promote faculty best practices in teaching/emerging trends
  • Promote use of academic technology
  • Student services
  • Academic advising
  • Prepare students for professional pursuits
  • Ensure instructional equity
  • Deliver inter-disciplinary general education

Goal 7: Improve Assessment and Planning
  • Ensure data integrity across the institution
  • Regularly update administrative units internally and externally
  • Adopt research-based processes for assessing student-based learning
  • Require institutional priorities be driven by data
  • Adopt technology solutions for maximum efficiency

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