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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB imageThe Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a group comprised of full-time faculty members tasked with ensuring the protection of human participants involved in research. Fisher College requires that, prior to commencing research, all projects involving human participants or human materials be reviewed and approved by the IRB. Funded and non-funded research involving human participants or human materials undertaken by faculty, administrators, staff, and students of Fisher College must meet the same standards. This applies to researchers and research participants inside and outside Fisher College.

Internal Requests: The IRB should consider any faculty- or student-related research requests from current staff, faculty, and students who are conducting research for their own educational or scholarship purposes. All IRB applications should be submitted to the Chair of the IRB committee. Applications, contact, and all other relevant information can be found on the IRB webpage.

External Requests: Three research applications/requests will be accepted per academic semester (six applications in an academic year). Requests will be vetted by the Fisher College IRB for relevance and purpose. For all requests, in case an IRB approval has been obtained from another institution, documentation of the IRB should be submitted to the Chair of the IRB Committee, and Fisher College IRB approval may not be required.
The IRB committee will convene on specific dates (approximately once per academic month) to review, discuss, and provide IRB approval. All IRB requests and applications must be submitted and received on or before the 15th of each academic month.

Getting Started:
IRB Application Form (.pdf) (MS Word)
Fisher College Informed Consent Form (.pdf) (MS Word)
Fisher College requires all Principal Investigators to complete the NIH certificate or similiar and submit their application along with their certificate of completion. The NIH certificate may be obtained here.

For information, please contact:
Peter Cassino
Chair, Fisher College Institutional Research Board

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