Leave of Absence

During your time at Fisher College, you may have a medical, psychological or personal situation that impacts your ability to successfully complete your studies. In these situations you may apply for a leave of absence. A leave of absence will result in withdrawal from current semester classes but not withdrawal from the College. You can remain in this status for up to 2 years (4 consecutive day school semesters or 8 consecutive Accelerated and Professional Studies terms). To apply for a leave of absence you must contact the Dean of International Academic Operations and Curriculum Development to obtain complete instructions. When ready to return, please contact the Dean again to file the return request form and provide appropriate documentation to establish your ability to return to the College.


1) Write a letter stating the reason(s) you would like to take a leave, what you plan to do while you are away, and when you plan to return. Please remember to include your Student ID number and your current contact information including your address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

2) Complete course withdrawal forms to drop all your classes. Withdrawal forms are available in the Fisher College Registrar's office on the 1st floor of 108 Beacon Street.

3) Complete and sign a Leave of Absence Request Form

Submit all of the above information to:

Dean Nancy Pithis
Fisher College
118 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-236-8814

Leave of absence documents and forms

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