Diversity Policy

Fisher College has given a high priority to creating a multicultural, multiracial, gender-balanced community receptive to cultural diversity. As part of Fisher’s effort to reach this goal, the College strives to create and actively promote a welcoming and supportive environment in order to recruit, hire, retain, and support a culturally diverse faculty and staff. College policies and procedures
concerning faculty and employees’ development are structured to encourage diversity. Likewise, the College strives to actively recruit and retain a widely diverse student body. Faculty and employees are encouraged to actively promote diversity and
a welcoming environment for all.

The College is also committed to creating and maintaining educational curricula that incorporate the values of a multicultural and diverse community and that reflect the pluralism of the United States and the whole world society. The College further seeks to ensure that student services and academic support services are sufficiently diverse to meet the needs of a multicultural student body.


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