Computer Policy

No student is allowed to use another user's password, ID, or account. Nor should any student attempt to capture or guess another user's password. Students should not access restricted files to which they have not been given official access, should not use e-mail to "spam" others, and should not release worms or viruses or other destructive code into the system. Students must obey local, state, and federal laws (copyright and other intellectual property laws), and must not use the College information system to pursue any personal business or use the name of Fisher College to suggest a College endorsement. Most importantly, the College information system must not be used to harass anyone or make repeated unwelcome contacts with others. Students must not display material that is explicitly sexual or offensive, which is inconsistent with the College Policies on Non Discrimination and Anti-Harassment.

The Computer use policy is posted in the Computer laboratories throughout the College. By using the College's computers, students acknowledge agreement with the Computer Policy. For further details on the Computer Policy, please visit the Department of Information Services.


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