Anti-Harassment Policy

It is the College’s policy to prohibit harassment of one student by another student, College employee, and/or a contractual worker contracted by the College, or vice-versa. This policy is consistent with state and federal law, which is enforced by the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, One Congress Street, Room 1001, Boston, MA 02114, 617-565-3200 and the Massachusetts
Commission Against Discrimination, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108, 617-727-3990. The purpose of this policy is not to regulate our students’ or employees’ morality, speech or conduct. Rather it is to ensure that, in our academic setting, no one harasses another individual or otherwise interferes with his or her pursuit of knowledge, job duties and responsibilities. Violation of our anti-harassment policy may result in discipline up to and including dismissal from the College.
Per Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 258E, Section 1, “Harassment” is defined as three or more acts of willful and malicious
conduct aimed at a specific person with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property; or an act by force, threat
or duress causes another to involuntarily engage in sexual relations or constitutes a violation of the following: assault and battery, rape, rape and abuse of a child, assault with intent to commit rape, enticing a child under the age of 16, stalking, criminal harassment, and drugging an individual for the purpose of sexual intercourse. Harassment includes graphic comments about someone’s dress or body, color, religion, sex, origin, age, disability or sexual preference, sexually or otherwise degrading words describing people, the display or distribution of sexually explicit or otherwise offensive material including posters letters, poems, graffiti, religious slurs. All incidents that involve students exclusively will be handled by the Student Conduct Coordinator. Incidents that involve a student and an employee will be handled jointly by the Student Conduct Coordinator and the Director of Human Resources. The College will not tolerate verbal or physical conduct by any employee or student that harasses, disrupts, or interferes with another’s academic and/or work performance or which creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment.
Any infractions of this policy should be brought to the attention of the Dean of Students and/or the Director of Human Resources,
depending on the nature of the parties involved. The College’s open-door policy allows for complaints to be brought to any level of management, but the complaint will be processed in accordance with the procedures described in greater detail in our policy for the Elimination of Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace. Complaints will be processed as expeditiously and confidentially as possible. No student, employee, supervisor or manager who either files a complaint or cooperates in an investigation under this policy will be retaliated or discriminated against in any way. If you have any questions about this policy, please speak with the Dean of Students at 617-670-4421. Victims of sexual harassment should refer to “Reporting Procedures,” under “Sexual Misconduct and/or Title IX Policies” in the Code of Conduct for further information on sexual harassment.

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