Do’s & Don’ts

Online learning has certainly come to the forefront within the past decade or so, with online enrollments continuing to climb since then. ("Online Learning Data Reveals Interesting Findings." Weblog post. Online Learning Consortium. N.p., 12 Feb. 2016. Web.) More and more traditional college age students, as well as adult learners, have chosen the World Wide Web as their method of learning. While online studies may not work for everybody, the style of learning certainly has its advantages. Completing work on your own time is one of the main perks that students tend to enjoy, and need, based on their current work schedule and home life responsibilities. Let’s take a look at some important tips for success in online courses. On the flipside, let’s examine some don’ts in the online learning world. We want to ensure that your experience in online classes is successful, not stressful!

 Inform your family/friends of your venture into online studies, to be sure that they understand that
you will now have a new time commitment. Having a support system on board is very important
when taking online classes. It is nice to know that others are encouraging you to reach your goals!
 Set aside a specified amount of time each day to complete your assignments/tasks to ensure that
you are 100% focused on the task at hand. This can also involve finding a specific location that you
feel allows you to work in the most efficient way, such as a town library.
 Log-in to your class every day to be sure to not miss any announcements, or important information.
 Order your books at least two weeks before classes begin to ensure that you receive them on time
and are fully prepared for the term start.
 Get in touch with your professors and advisor if you have questions or concerns throughout the
term. They are there to help, and welcome questions and open communication!


 Cram all of your assignments in at once. You don’t want to overload your mind, or your schedule.
 Wait until classes start to order your books. This will put you behind and force you to play catch up
throughout the rest of the term.
 Log-in to your classes once every couple of weeks. Be sure to keep up with the pace of the class, as
there will be weekly assignments that you don’t want to miss, or lose points on for turning them in
 Forget to inform your professors if you’re going to be taking a vacation, have a time-consuming
work responsibility, or will be unable to log-in to your class for a week or more. Professors would
like to know this information, so that they don’t assume that you are MIA. This way, you and your
professor can come up with a plan for when you will get your assignments completed during your


The largest “DO” of them all- Remind yourself why you chose to enroll in an online program in the first place. You have a goal. Keep that fresh in your mind throughout your studies, and you will stay determined while you’re working towards that goal!
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”. ~Henry David Thoreau


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