Smoking & Tobacco

Fisher College has established a no-smoking policy throughout the college. No smoking is allowed in the common areas, which
include: corridors, classrooms, auditoriums, or residence halls. There is a smoking area located behind building 116 Beacon Street. This policy results from the College’s compliance with the Massachusetts Clear Air Act. If a student is smoking on the Beacon Street side and a student or employee complains about smoke entering via a window, etc., the student will be required to move to the designated smoking area. Smoking is not allowed on the stairways to any buildings. Chewing tobacco is also not to be consumed in any College building. Failure to abide by the Smoking & Tobacco Policy will result in disciplinary action. The College also offers educational programs regarding the hazards of smoking and tobacco use. Students seeking to learn more about these hazards or interested in quitting smoking or tobacco use may contact the Health Services Office and/or Counseling Services.

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