Fisher College and the Butera School of Art

Fisher responds to a complaint regarding the college's 2010 acquisition of the school

On April 3, WBZ-TV aired a story during its 11:00 pm newscast regarding one former student's complaint about Fisher College's July 2010 acquisition of the Butera School of Art. The story did not accurately portray the facts in this isolated case.  

Following the acquisition, Fisher provided Butera's students with the opportunity to continue their educational pursuits at a larger institution with additional benefits, such as career counseling. The student profiled in the story, along with all the other Butera students, were notified of the acquisition in writing on July 13, 2010. In September 2010, they were notified in person of the acquisition and subsequently had opportunities to withdraw from the program with no penalties or financial commitment to Fisher College. The student profiled chose to attend Fisher College for two years, earning two certificates, and then withdrew from the school before fulfilling the final program requirements. Other students completed the program and are now employed in their chosen fields.

Fisher College purchased the Butera School of Art with the intention of continuing the program but we were unable to do so for reasons beyond our control. Nevertheless, we provided the existing students with the exact program they had applied for and also gave them additional resources to assist them on their career paths. Throughout this process, each student was treated with understanding and respect.


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