Posted On: 3/18/2014 9:14 AM

Chief Deborah Crafts to participate in panel on Resiliency in Higher Education Law Enforcement: Lessons Learned from Critical Events on College Campuses


Fisher College Public Safety Director and Chief of Police Deborah Crafts will be participating in the panel discussion, Boston Strong: Community Resilience in the Face of Natural Disasters and Acts of Terrorism, at the 2014 American Society for Public Administration Conference (ASPA) in Washington DC on March 16, at 10:15am. Chief Crafts will focus her comments on various critical incidents on campus and the lessons learned as a result. 


Chief Crafts will offer valuable insight into how she handled crisis-related matters involving the Boston Marathon bombings and will discuss the resiliency of the city in the wake of the tragedy. Prior to her role at Fisher College, Chief Crafts was associate director of public safety at a local college where one of the bombing suspects once attended school. Chief Crafts worked with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to gather information for their investigations. 


Chief Crafts will also discuss how other law enforcement-related events, such as the shootings at the University of Texas and natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, helped to prepare her for the Boston Marathon bombings.


“Despite our best efforts to protect students and staff alike, college campuses are not immune to real-life issues involving violence and natural disasters,” said Chief Crafts, director of public safety at Fisher College. “When an incident occurs, it’s important for us to react swiftly and thoughtfully at the time of the event, but it’s equally important that we’re thoughtfully evaluating our reactions to them and what we can do better going forward.”


Earlier this year, Chief Crafts became the only female serving as a public safety director on a college campus in the city of Boston. As the director of public safety, Crafts oversees all campus safety initiatives concerning students, faculty, staff, visitors, and campus assets.


Joining her for this panel discussion will be moderator James Grant, crime and intelligence analyst II, Los Angeles Police Department; Edward Deveau, chief of police for the Watertown Police Department; Larry Schooler, community engagement consultant for the City of Austin; and Ian Weston, executive director at the American Trauma Society.


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