Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Management

 First Year    Credit Hours
 CM105  Public Speaking 3
 CS101  Computer Concepts and Applications 3
 EC101  Macroeconomics 3
 EC102  Microeconomics 3
 EN101  English I 3
 EN102  English II 3
 IS105  Common Experience 3
 MA107/MA117  College Algebra/Finite Math* 3
 PS101  Introduction to Psychology 3
 CS245  Management Application and Information Systems 3
 Second Year    Credit Hours
 AC121  Financial Accounting  3
 AC122  Managerial Accounting  3
 LA204  Business Law  3
 MA121  Basic Statistics  3
 MG201  Principles of Management  3
 MG202  Human Resource Management  3
 MK201  Principles of Marketing  3
   Science Elective 3/4
   Social Sciences Elective 3
   Program Elective¥ 3
   Total Credits  30/31
 Third Year    Credit Hours
 FI201  Principles of Business Finance 3
 IS210  Professional Development for Internship 1
 MG304  Leadership and Ethics 3
 MG315  International Management 3
 MG321  Organizational Behavior 3
 PS315  Social Psychology 3
   Humanities Elective 3
   Free Elective (2)
 Program Elective (2) 6
 Fourth Year    Credit Hours
 MG303  Managerial Communications 3
 MG390  Management Internship 3
 MG435  Operations Management 3
 MG441  Business Policy and Strategic Management 3
 MG450  Senior Project 3
 English Elective 3
   Free Elective (3)
 Program Elective 3
   Total Credits 30

*A higher level of math (MA191 or MA192) may be substituted. 
¥ Any AC, CS, FI, MG, MK, or TH course; or CM100, CM201, CM215, CM225, CM300, CM316, CM325, or CM415
Minimum credits required for graduation — 121.

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