Program Requirements

Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts

First Year
Credit hours
 EN101  English I 3
 EN102  English II 3
 IS105  Common Experience1 3
 History Elective (2)* 6
   Foreign Language¥ (2)
   Math/Science Elective (2)§ 6 - 8
   Free Elective 3
   Total Credits 30 - 32
Second Year
Credit hours
 CM105  Public Speaking
 CS101  Computer Concepts and Applications 3
 EN201  Intermediate Writing 3
   Humanities Elective (2)
   Literature Elective 3
   Math/Science Elective§ 3/4
   Social Sciences Elective (2)
   Free Elective
   Total Credits 30/31

*Any course with an HI prefix.
¥ A minimum of one year of college-level foreign language competency is required but can be waived through demonstrating elementary-level competency in any standard foreign language. If the language requirement is waived, free electives must be
§ At least three (3) credits in math, three (3) credits in science, and three (3) additional credits in math, science, or computer programming are required. MA106, MA107, MA117, MA191, or MA192 will satisfy the minimum college math requirement. MA107 and a science course with a lab are recommended for transfer.
Any EN course except EN001, EN101, EN102, EN201, or ESL courses.
1IS105 is required of Day students. Students matriculated in DAPS take a free elective instead.

Minimum credits required for graduation — 60.

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