Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management degree provides students with knowledge of the issues, topics, methods, and requirements they will encounter in the field of human resource management. The fundamentals of management, psychology, ethics, and organization behavior are combined with advanced courses in employment law, training and development, talent management, compensation, global human resources and labor relations. An internship and capstone project will prepare students for careers in the growing field of Human Resource Management. 

First Year

Credit hours
 CM105  Public Speaking 3
 CS101  Computer Concepts and Applications 3
 CS245  Management Application and Information Systems 3
 EC101  Macroeconomics 3
 EC102  Microeconomics 3
 EN101  English I 3
 EN102  English II 3
 Common Experience* 3
 College Algebra/Finite Math* 3
MG 202   Human Resource Management   3
   Total Credits 30
Second Year
Credit hours
 AC121  Financial Accounting
 AC122  Managerial Accounting 3
 IS210  Professional Development for    Internship   3
 Talent Management  1
 MA121  Basic Statistics 3
 MG201  Principles of Management 3
 MK201  Principles of Marketing 3
 PS101  Introduction to Psychology 3
   Free Elective 3
   Science Elective 3/4

 Social Sciences Elective 3
   Total Credits 31/32
 Third Year
Credit hours
 FI201  Principles of Business Finance 3
HR301  Managing Global Workforce 1
  HR315  Training and Development 3
  HR460  Human Resource Management Internship I 3
 MG303  Managerial Communications 3
 MG360  Compensation and Benefits 3
 PS315  Social Psychology 3
  Program Elective (MK, MG, AC, CS, EC, FI, CM) 3
   Free Elective 3
   Total Credits

 Fourth Year   Credit hours
 LA401  Employment Law and Labor Relations 3
  HR461  Human Resource Management Internship II** 3
 MG304  Leadership and Ethics  3
 MG321  Organizational Behavior  3
 MG410  Strategic Human Resource Management and Emerging Issues
   English Elective  3
 Humanities Elective
 Free Elective
   Total Credits 30

* MA191 or MA192 may be substituted.

** IS 315 may be substituted for HR 461

B Not required for Division of Accelerated and Professional Studies students.

IS105 is required of Day students. Students matriculated in DAPS take a free elective.

G Fulfills Global Awareness requirement.

Minimum credits required for graduation – 120

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