Potential Careers & Earnings

What can you do with a management degree with a concentration in hospitality & event planning?

Successful degree candidates are qualified to work for:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Airlines, cruises, and other transportation
  • Travel agencies
  • Tourism destinations and attractions
  • Meeting and event planning
  • Government tourist offices
  • Restaurants, and commercial food services and tour operators
  • Motor coach companies

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism accounts for 8 percent of the world's jobs and has the highest potential for growth of any industry. Additionally, employment opportunities in hospitality are expected to grow according to the United States Department of Labor.

Research produced by the U.S. Travel Association indicates travel is among the top 10 industries in 49 states and the District of Columbia in terms of employment. One out of nine U.S. jobs depend on travel and tourism, and travel is ranked nationwide—number 6—in terms of employment, when compared to other major private industry sectors.

The latest research from the American Hotel and Lodging revealed that the lodging industry generated $39.0 billion in pretax income in 2012, an increase of 14.3 percent over 2011, and total industry revenue was $155.5 billion in 2012, an $8.1 billion increase over 2011.

A U.S. News Careers article listing the 100 Best Jobs of 2014 showed meeting, convention, and event planning as one of the fastest growing jobs on their list.

Hcareers has stated that outside of a casino, being a hotel manager can be the best paying job in the hospitality industry. An average hotel manager salary in the United States is $95,590, but with bonuses, profit sharing, and special compensation, a manager could potentially bring home a six-figure salary.

CNN Money included hospitality—in particular general managers (GMs) at premier resorts and hotels—as their number 3 of 10 jobs because of their big demand and good pay. GMs typically have either a bachelor's or master's degree in business or hotel management.

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