Program Requirements

Associate in Science in Health Sciences Degree

First Year
Credit hours
 CS101  Computer Concepts and Applications 3
 EN101  English I 3
 EN102  English II 3
 IS105  Common Experience 3
 MA107  College Algebra* 3
 PS101  Introduction to Psychology 3
 SC103  General Biology 3
 SC213  Microbiology 4
   Free Elective 3
   Humanities Elective  3
   Total Credits 32
Second Year
Credit hours
 AN101  Cultural Anthropology
 MA121  Basic Statistics 3
 PS105  Human Development 3
 SC101  Anatomy and Physiology I 3
 SC102  Anatomy and Physiology II 3
 SC110  Nutrition 3
 SC133  Principles of Chemistry I
 SC134  Principles of Chemistry II
 SO101  Introduction to Sociology 3
   Humanities Elective 3
   Total Credits 33

* A higher level of math (MA191 or MA192) may be substituted.
Minimum credits required for graduation — 65.

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