Program Requirements

Associate in Science in Fashion Merchandising

 This program is a leader in Fashion Merchandising education and provides the student with a broad background in the fashion merchandising and retail management sectors. Upon completion of the program, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the exciting fashion industry. Additionally, many associate students stay and transfer into the Bachelor of Science in Management program.
First Year
Credit hours
 Computer Concepts and Applications
 EN101  English I 3
 EN102  English II 3
 FA103  Line, Color, and Design 3
 Fashion Merchandising 3
 FM220  Retail Management 3
 IS105  Common Experience¥ 3
 MA106  Elementary Algebra* 3
 PS101  Introduction to Psychology 3
   Total Credits  30
Second Year
Credit hours
 CM105  Public Speaking
 FM209  Retail Buying
 FM210  Fashion Marketing 3
 FM215  History of Fashion 3
 FM225  Textile Science 3
 LA204  Business Law
 MG202  Human Resource Management 3

 Social Science Elective
   Free Elective


   Total Credits 30/31

* MA107, MA117, MA191, or MA192 may be substituted.

1 IS105 is required of Day students. Students matriculated in DAPS take a free elective.

Minimum credits required for graduation: 60.

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