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brian p. kelly, PH.D.
associate professor
program: mathematics

Contact information
Office Location: 111 Beacon Street, 3rd Floor

  • B.S., Mathematics, California State University–Long Beach
  • M.A., Mathematics, University of Missouri
  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Missouri

Dr. Kelly began teaching as an associate professor of Mathematics at Fisher College in 2012. Prior to coming to Fisher, Dr. Kelly was a faculty member at Bryant University for five years. He has also taught at the University of Louisiana in Monroe and at Truman State University in Missouri. In addition to maintaining high teaching standards, Dr. Kelly led three professional development workshops for high school teachers. His research includes seven articles in refereed journals which encompass analysis and probability theory.

Teaching Philosophy
Fisher College provides me an opportunity to innovate in both designing curriculum and in developing class experiences. In the classroom, I can be creative in designing engaging learning activities which connect students to the broad scope of applications of mathematics. Also, as Fisher College continues to grow, I am excited about the opportunities for bringing my experiences to the growing curriculum.

  • Distributional Control for Operators on Vector-valued Lp-spaces
  • Vector-valued Transference and Maximal Ergodic Theory in UMD-valued Function Spaces 
  • A Note on UMD Spaces and Transference in Vector-valued Function Spaces 
  • A Weak-type Inequality for Generalized Harmonic Conjugates of UMD-valued Functions On Vector-valued Hardy Martingales and A Generalized Jensen's Inequality Concentration at a Radius for Hardy Class Functions 
  • Estimating the Number of Zeros of H2 Functions on Subdisks 
  • The Nature of Mathematics, a text for a general education mathematics course


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