President McGovern Appointed Clerk of Boston Police Foundation Board of Directors

Posted On: 7/18/2013 10:48 AM

Boston, MA (July 18, 2013) – Dr. Thomas M. McGovern, President of Fisher College, has been appointed Clerk of The Boston Police Foundation, Inc.’s Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously on June 21 to name Dr. McGovern to the leadership position.

The Boston Police Foundation was formed in 1993 to provide private financial support for critically-needed resources to the Boston Police Department (BPD), the oldest police department in the country. The Foundation funds special equipment, advanced training, new technology, officer safety and wellness, and youth outreach programs not covered in the police department’s annual budget.

As Clerk of The Boston Police Foundation, President McGovern will play a critical role in fostering communication and diligence through proper management of important records, such as the organization’s bylaws. He will also provide advice and resources to the Board on topics relating to governance issues and amendments to state laws.

"I am honored to be appointed Clerk of The Boston Police Foundation’s Board of Directors and to serve with its members and leadership,” said Dr. McGovern. “In recent months, the Foundation’s slogan - ‘Back Up Boston’s Finest’ – denotes a renewed sense of pride for and commitment to the brave men and women of the Boston Police Department, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our city. I look forward to supporting them in any way that I can and furthering the Foundation’s goal of improving connection and communication between the Police Department and the community.”

During his tenure, Dr. McGovern has demonstrated a strong belief in and commitment to public, campus and student safety. In 2007, he created the Center for Leadership and Public Service (CLPS), a division of Fisher College that encourages and inspires students to pursue careers in public safety and criminal justice through real-life research projects and work experience.

“On behalf of the Boston Police Foundation’s Board of Directors, I’d like to thank Tom not only for joining our Board but for accepting the role of Board Clerk. His dedication to public safety, philanthropy and our great City of Boston is remarkable, which makes him a truly valuable addition to the Foundation,” said Bob Long, the Boston Police Foundation’s President.

Since its inception, The Boston Police Foundation has funded many vital programs that continue to improve safety and quality of life for Boston residents, visitors to the city and its police officers. These programs include:

  • Crime Stoppers: The Crime Stoppers Program provides a non-traceable and unrecorded hotline for citizens to provide information anonymously to trained personnel of the BPD relative to perpetrators of crimes and/or criminal activity.
  • Text a Tip: Formed in 2007, Text a Tip is a part of Crime Stoppers. It was the first program of its kind in the United States and has pioneered efforts to use text messaging from cell phones as a means of fast communication between concerned citizens and the police.
  • Crime Watch: A community-based crime prevention program that encourages the community to partner with government and police organizations to combat crime.
  • Kids at Risk: A program that provides scholarships to “at-risk” youth who are identified by community police officers and gang officers of the BPD.
  • Summer of Opportunity: The program offers six-week paid summer internships and training programs, followed by a school-year internship program, to Boston youth.
  • Officer Wellness and Safety: A program that provides stress reduction services and peer support to members of the BPD through its Peer Support Unit and Critical Incident Stress Management Team.
  • Technology: The Foundation provide state-of-the-art technology for BPD to improve public safety in all areas of the Department. Recently, this included a donation of 100 custom iPads to be used by undercover officers.

Dr. McGovern will serve on The Foundation’s Board of Directors alongside Robert Long, President; Christopher Fox, Treasurer and George Bugler, Director. For more information about The Boston Police Foundation, please visit


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