ICD-10 CM & PCS Workforce Training

International Classification of Diseases

The ICD-10 CM & PCS workforce training course will introduce participants to the professional standards for coding and reporting of ICD-10-CM diagnostic inpatient and ICD-10-PCS procedure services. Emphasis is placed on coding characteristics, conventions and guidelines to identify and accurately assign codes to diseases, conditions and procedures for medical documentation and reimbursement.

This course will:
  • Be offered online as a dynamic self-paced, independent learning program.
  • Be accessible for 8 weeks once a participant begins the online training, can work at their own pace, and the average completion time is 16 hours.
  • Enable participants to earn 14 continuing education credits in ICD-10 coding.
  • Be presented on PowerPoint with a voice overlay. The components consist of a brief history and evolution of medical coding systems, introductions to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, instructional modules, coding exercises, quizzes, a final exam and a program evaluation.
  • Award a certificate for successful completion of the program.

Cost: $350

$25 – to extend the designated 8 week time limit.

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