HS303 Substance Abuse

Prerequisite: HS101

Provides an introduction to the study of the use and abuse of alcohol and controlled drugs, addiction to them, and rehabilitation counseling. Examines the sociological, psychological, and biological bases of abuse and addiction, and the effects of drugs on the brain and normal human functioning. Reviews the most commonly abused drugs and the characteristics of persons most likely at risk for abuse or addiction. Reviews different theories of addiction, including the biological, psychodynamic, social learning, and socio-cultural. Develops skills in intervention, assessment and the administration of screening tests, diagnosis, treatment selection and referral. Reviews relapse-prevention and community-based education programs. Explores substance abuse policy in the United States in its social, cultural, historical, economic, and political contexts. Examines contemporary debates regarding drug control and legalization. A library component is included.

3 Credit Hours

Course Descriptions » Human Services


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