HI204 World Civilizations Since 1500

This course continues the survey of civilizations begun with HI203 World Civilizations Since 1500, examining the development of societies and their interactions over past centuries as an approach to understanding the human condition. It examines both Western and non-Western civilizations prior to the age of European exploration and colonization and then reviews the impact of European expansion on other societies. Topics may include the creation of nation-states in Europe; the spread of the Muslim empire and the development of divisions within it; interactions between the West and Asian, African, Native American, and Latin American societies; the rise of nationalism and imperialism; the nature of political and social revolution; liberalism, industrialism, and the rise of individual rights and democratic forms of government; socialism and Communism; World War I; the period between the two world wars, including the rise of fascism and dictatorships; World War II; the Holocaust; issues of human rights, genocide, and crimes against humanity; the role of the United Nations; the emergence of independent nations in Africa; the Cold War, the Iron Curtain, nuclear proliferation, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union; societies in the modern Middle East and Western intervention in the region; energy, oil, and the environment; American power in the contemporary age and challenges to it; and the rise of international terrorism. A library component is included.

3 Credit Hours

Course Descriptions » History


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