HE213 Microbiology (Lab Science)

Prerequisite: HE102 with C or better

This course is designed for nursing students and emphasis is placed on microorganisms that are pathogenic to humans and those which are of public health significance. Class lectures correlate the physiological and biochemical activities of microorganisms with the infectious disease cycle, physical and chemical methods of control, modes of action of anti-microbials, and nonspecific and specific defense mechanisms of the host. The student will survey causative agents, methods of transmission, mechanisms of pathogenicity, signs and symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments for common and newly emerging diseases. The role of the healthcare professional in the transmission of disease will be a major focus. Laboratory deals with the use of the microscope, aseptic techniques, antibiotic resistance, antibiotic susceptibility, and the physiological, nutritional, and environmental needs of microbes. In addition, medical journals are used to prepare presentations on current research topics in microbiology. 3 hours lecture/2 hours lab. Minimum passing grade is a C.

4 Credit Hours

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