Fisher College Celebrates Alumni & Family Weekend

Posted On: 5/22/2013 12:13 PM

Fisher College will host its annual Alumni and Family Weekend October 12-14, 2012. All Fisher College alumni and family are welcome to join in the weekend festivities. Alumni who graduated with a year ending in two or seven will also be celebrating their milestone reunions.

“We are excited to bring former students and family together during Alumni and Family Week-end,” states Dr. Thomas M. McGovern, President of Fisher College. “Fisher College prides itself on cultivating a strong sense of community and connection to the College both during school attendance years and long after graduation. We know that Fisher College has positively impacted many lives and Alumni and Family Week-end is a time to celebrate that, catch up with former classmates, and participate in a variety of entertaining events. Our alumni community continues to grow as the College enters its 109th year of operation. Events like Alumni and Family Week-end further strengthens our community.”

Fisher College’s Alumni and Family weekend offers both free and ticketed events that are both educational and entertaining. To view a full schedule of events, please visit our Alumni and Family webpage.


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